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by SkyblockOnline at 9:44 PM
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The forum has recently been updated to suit all three servers Skyblock, Towny and the upcoming server factions. You may notice that some forums have been split up into 3 individual sub-forums for each server allowing the forums to be a lot more organised. If you had previously posted a staff application or an active thread that needs to be reposted feel free to do so. All old threads are located at http://www.lemuriamc.site/community/forums/archive/ .
by Gruaige at 11:07 PM
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Hello community,

Over the past few weeks, players have mistakenly come to the conclusion that Mineh and I have been in-active.
This is not true at all, as we've been working hard on pushing out a brand new update that will include all major issues
and exploits being resolved.

Thanks to you guys reporting issues, within the past month we listed all the reports and gone through them to ensure as a staff team they are resolving when the update is pushed in

Towny & Skyblock will include a new overall theme update, along with new plugins allowing players to better enjoy the server and have more fun.
Factions will also be released –Yes, factions– as an upcoming server. A trailer will be released on the 12th of July showcasing
a few of the server updates along with the Factions addition.

On the 13th of July, the server will be placed in maintenance mode in order to ensure everything is working smoothly
and efficiently. Donors who have purchased ranks will be...