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by SkyblockOnline at 1:37 PM
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Congratulations to the top voters this month and as always a big thank you to everyone else who has voted for the server this month. The winners of this month are:

1st - MatthewRTP
2nd - ToBugs
3rd - harleyman_

1st place will receive a $40 store coupon, 2nd place will receive a $35 store coupon and 3rd place will receive a $30 store coupon which they can use on the package of their choice on our store.

Also a big congratulations to the top donator this month harleyman_ who has received a $45 store voucher to use on the package of their choice on our store.

A staff member will be in contact for you to receive your coupon.
by Gruaige at 5:08 AM
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Hello community,

For the past 6 hours, Mineh and I have been working on improvements to reduce server lag and increase the server's performance and capabilities. Over this period of time we have managed to push out a huge update, a lot of the server changes are visible, although a lot has been produced behind the scenes.

Buycraft will be updated soon!
Crates will also be returning soon!
The server's economy will be tweaked!

Kits have been updated.
17 useless jar's and 37 directories we're removed.
Transitioned from Group Manager to PermissionsEx.
You can now connect through versions 1.8 - 1.11.2
A lot of useless features that have been known to cause serious performance issues have been removed
Added new ranks and aesthetic enhancements
A lot of visible tweaks, such as featherboard, broadcasting & titlemanager.

The old-school ranks have returned!
New perks & kits...