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READ BEFORE POSTING Announcement - Bringing one & two together!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Mineh, Jun 13, 2017.

  • by Mineh, Jun 13, 2017 at 9:19 PM
  • Mineh

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    Hello community,

    Over the past couple of days a few questions have been surfacing the server of towny.online & skyblock.online, I'm here to publish and put all these rumours to an end.

    As we're currently running two different communities we've decided to merge them into one to build a larger community overall. The official networks name will be named "LemuriaMC" which will result in skyblock.online & towny.online being merged together into one large network.

    Yes this will allow the player base to collide together and allow each community to visit the other servers, but we think this is the best decision for the future of both communities and LemuriaMC as it allows us to expand much further and provide you with the best content as possible.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    What does this mean?
    • The towny server (towny.online) will be merged together with skyblock (skyblock.online) to produce a larger community known as LemuraiMC. The official release date of LemuraiMC will be Wednesday at 4PM EST (14/06/2017).
    If I've already purchased a rank will I have a rank on the other server?
    • No ranks are not global, each server has different ranks.
    Due to the servers merging will anything be reset or will anything be lost?
    • No nothing will be reset nor removed/lost from the servers.
    If I've purchased a rank am I able to transfer my rank to the other server?
    • No this will not be allowed and never will be.
    What will happen to the official servers website and discord?
    • The plan is to merge towny.online and skyblock.online's official website into one forum www.lemuriamc.com. As for the discord due to towny.online's discord being more populated and including a custom bot, skyblock's discord will be merged with townys and renamed to LemuraiMC.

    What will happen with the staff members between both of the servers?
    • Each server will have it's own staff allowing them to focus on the server's that need the staff required, we would appreciate it if you wouldn't message staff from other servers.
    • The only global staff will be in the administration team, these deal with server wide issues.

    Thanks for taking your time in reading this, much appreciated.
    - Gruaige, ItzMineh, Duccks, Jeenius, itzBradMC & SkyblockOnline
    [LemuraiMC Official Staff Team]
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Mineh, Jun 13, 2017.

  1. Owen
    Awesome! <3
  2. harleyman_
    Will the IP be the same? ( skyblock.online ) or ( towny.online )
  3. Owen
  4. harleyman_
    If they are merging the two servers together how can it be skyblock.online and towny.online. Haveing two different IP's is not a merge.
  5. Duccks
    Due to both domains being reigistered under Mineh's account, each IP will point to our hub. Regardless if you use play.LemeriaMC.com, Skyblock.online, or towny.online, it will all point to the same hub.

    Using Skyblock.online will not send you straight to the Skyblock server, nor will Towny.online send you to the Towny server.

    In the future, when our domains come close to expiring, we may chose to use one central IP address.
  6. harleyman_
    Thank you for the info.
  7. I401
    I don't mean to be rude but more thought and testing should've been put into the sites themselves. I'm constantly being redirected from forums in towny.site to skyblock.site to lemuraimc.site and back again over and over and it needs to be fixed
  8. Caustic
    Thats what the server needed
  9. Duccks
  10. ZoN3AbL3
    Im having trouble logging on to the server, it wont accept any ip after the update. I have copy and paste the ips so i dont get it wrong but still doesn't work... any reason why?
  11. SkyblockOnline
    You can use any of the following IPs to join the server.


    If you continue to have problems joining the server feel free to message me on the site.

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